Youtube++ iPA as the name indicates is a modded version of the stock application for iOS devices. With the support for iOS 15 and iOS 16, it is a great alternative to Cercube Max and Youtube Vanced. For Android users, you can get Youtube Premium APK (MOD) for getting free premium features on any device. This is the latest version of Youtube++ iPA for iPhone and iPad devices which can be installed without Jailbreak or Cydia in 2023. download youtube++ ipa

The main purpose of the ++iPA App is to provide premium youtube subscription features free of cost to any user. There are a lot of useful stuff you can get with this Youtube++ iOS 15/16 like, enable background playback for Youtube videos, block ads and downloads in different formats. Just download the iPA file from the link below and install it with sideloadly or Altstore (method given) without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad (iOS 14/iOS 15/iOS 16).

Youtube++ Features

This tweak comes with great new many useful features. For iOS users who are ready to expand their experiences and get the most out of any app, this is certainly for you. However, I’d recommend you install Youtube Vanced if you’re looking for a regularly updated app. Here are a few main highlights of Youtube++ iPA for iOS 14/15/16:youtube++ igeekshub

  • Download YouTube videos and entire playlists with YouTube plus plus just by tapping a single download button.
  • Play videos in background on Youtube. Save battery while listening to your favourite songs.
  • Advertisements which were displayed in original app while watching videos or as banner are removed.
  • YoutubePremium features free of cost.
  • Separate download manager for downloaded videos to appear.
  • Auto replay videos.
  • Removed age restrictions on videos.
  • Download videos in MP3 format.
  • No Jailbreak Required.

Like Facebook Wolf : a modded app for facebook to get tons of new features on iPhone and iPad, Youtube++ IPA is a great modded application for the stock app. Download the latest version which will support iOS15 and iOS16 (regularly updated) from the link and install it without cydia.

Youtube++ iOS – Details

Here is a general information about the app for iOS 15/16 (2023). Check it out before moving to our download link and method to install.

App Info:

Developer qnblackcat
Version 18.01.6 (2.3.1)
Size 110 MB
iOS Version Upto iOS 14, iOS 15 and iOS 16.x.x
iDevice Model iPhones/iPads Supporting iOS 14/15/16
Last Version Released 25 January 2023
  • Play a popular paid game for free by downloading Geometry Dash for iOS 15/16 (2023) !

Youtube++ iPA Download

Youtube++ iOS 16 free download using the following Link. After download is complete, follow the given instructions to sideload/ install it on your iPhone/iPad with the latest iOS version without Jailbreak or Cydia.




Previous Versions

Version Link
Youtube++ v17.12.5 iPA Download
Youtube++ v17.16.4 iPA Download
Youtube++ v17.19.2 iPA Download
Youtube++ v17.31.4 iPA Download
Youtube++ v17.35.3 iPA Download
Youtube++ v17.36.4 iPA Download


How To Sideload/Install Youtube++ iOS 15/16 – No Jailbreak

Here is a brief and short method on how to sideload the app successfully on iOS 15 and iOS 16 devices without Cydia or Jailbreak (2023).


  1. A Mac OS or Windows PC
  2. Working Internet Connection
  3. Apple Account/ID

Sideloadly Method:

  • Download and Install Sideloadly on your Mac or PC.
  • Run the app and Connect your device to your Mac or PC. Your device will show up in iDevice.
  • Under Apple Account type your apple id email.
  • Drag your IPA file which you downloaded into the sideloadly window. You can also select using the large IPA icon.
  • Click on Start. You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID Password.
  • Enter the password (A verification code may be received on a trusted device.ipa install sideloadly

Note : Your password is encrypted and is only sent to apple, however, I recommend you use a spare or alternate apple id.

  • The IPA will now start installing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • After installation go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management for iOS 14 and below or VPN and Device Management for iOS 15 and up.
  • Select the Apple id and Trust it.
  • Now go to your home-screen and launch the app. Enjoy.

Altstore Method:

Use Sideloadly for a comparative easy installation !

  • Download the iPA file from the above link and place the downloaded file on your iPhone (Files App) using iCloud, Airdrop or any method.
  • Now download and install Altserver on your MAC or Windows PC.
  • Right Click on Altserver and select “Install Altstore”. Sign in with your Apple ID and Password. Altstore will begin installing on your iOS.
  • Open up Altstore and navigate to “My Apps”. Now tap on Plus on the top left corner and open the downloaded Youtube++ iPA file.
  • When prompted, sign in again with your Apple ID.
  • Keep your iPhone connected with Mac or PC until the installation is complete.

Done, you can now see the application installed on your iOS Device.

Fix “Google couldn’t confirm this attempt to sign in is safe” Youtube++ 

If you are facing an error for Youtube++, uYou++ or Cercube that “Google couldn’t confirm this attempt to sign in is safe. If you think this is a mistake, you can close and try again to sign in” warning #447 , here is a short workaround to get that problem fixed. No need for mac or PC, this guide works on iPhone and iPad solely.

  1. Open Safari and download uYou login iOS Shortcut from here.
  2. Download the official YouTube application (if not installed previously) from AppStore.
  3. Now open both official Youtube and uYou/Youtube++/Cercube to login page.
  4. Put Safari in private mode browsing.
  5. Copy the uYou YouTube login URL while signing in.
  6. Run uYou Login shortcut and paste URL when prompted.
  7. The 10 seconds delay will start.
  8. After then copy the official AppStore YouTube login URL and paste in uYou Login Shortcut when prompted again.

That’s it, you will be able to now easily login in on your Youtube++, uYou and Cercube application. This method works for all iOS versions including iOS 14, iOS 15 and iOS 16. Above is a short video explaining the tutorial fix. For more information, you can follow this thread.


Altstore Faqs

  1. If you see “”Please sign in with app-specific password”, this means you have two factor authentication enabled and you have log into your account. Then create an app specific password to continue.
  2. Altstore can install apps without the need for a Developers Account.
  3. Non developers account used will have the app expire in 7 Days, but Altstore will automatically re-sign it when you connect your Phone to PC.
  4. App will have no iCloud and Push Notifications Support.
  5. Free version of Altstore can only sign 7 Apps. Once signed you cannot delete them. However, they will be automatically deleted/unsigned after 07 days.
  6. Support for push notifications or add-ons will take up one app signature ID.

Apple requires developer mode to run this app ?

After installing the app successfully, you might get an error that Apple or device requires developer mode to run this Spotify++. To fix this error, simply go to settings–>privacy and security–>scroll down–>turn on the developer mode. Your device will restart and Youtube++ will run without any issues.

Is Youtube++ iPA available on AppStore?

No the app is not available on the AppStore since it is third party and Apple does not allow unverified apps which make changes to the stock Apps.

Can I get YouTube++ on iOS?

Yes, above is the method and download link to the file using which you can install it within 5 minutes.

Is Youtube++ IPA an Add-on to the Stock Youtube?

No, this is a standalone separate application with same Youtube like user interface but with many additional features.

Is Youtube++ for iOS a Real App?

Yes, it is a real app/tweak developed by which you can get additional user demanded features for Youtube.

Is YoutubePlus for iOS Free? 

Yes, it is completely free. You can download it from the link above and install it without Cydia using our method with Altstore.

Does It require Jailbreak?

No, it can be installed without Cydia using Altstore (for users) and Cydia Impactor (for developers). However if you have jailbreak then still you can get this application. You just need to have Appsync for iOS installed on your phone for signing Youtube++ Application.

Thats about it. If the app is not working you can contact us or write in the comments section. Leave an app review and comment about what problem you faced.

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