Top 6 Best And Safe Free APK Sites For Android [2023]

Sometimes we want to download a specific app on our android, but it is not available on the Google Play Store. Google Play Store is the most trusted and wide platform to download or install APKs. Then why some apps are not available on it? Often sometimes, it puts us off. There might be several reasons for it, i.e, region factor, geo-blocked, could be removed by the developer himself, or even it could contain adult content. In this blog post, we will be showing you the top 6 best and safe APK websites from where you can download and install any desirable app for free which is not available on your Play Store. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

There are a lot of APK websites out there. Continue reading this blog to let know which ones are best than others. So that your precious time would get saved in looking for a good website to install any desirable app.

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1. APKMirrorbest apk download sites

APKMirror is possibly the greatest and most well-known third-party application store for android users. There is no doubt in saying that it is the go-to website for all APK requirements. When you are unable to locate a certain APK, you should visit APKMirror for better options. There is nearly no possibility that you won’t be able to locate an APK file for your android device on this platform, which covers all categories of APK files. The fact that the Android Police controls and administers the website should ensure that you’re in good hands. The accessibility of earlier versions of any android application that you wish to download is also ready for installation.

Website Link :

2. APKPureAPKPURE download site

APKPure is the number one competitor of APKMirror, you can say it without any hesitation. The APK files you download from APKPure are protected and free of viruses, just like those from APKMirror.  APKPure won’t release an app on the website if it has concerns about the software’s security or authenticity. APKPure doesn’t offer any modified APKs. The good thing about APKPure is that it also has an android app available.

Website Link :

3. APK Downloader (APK-DL)APK download free

On opening the APK Downloader, you may think that you’ve opened Google Play Store because it looks like it in many ways. All APKs are properly labeled and arranged. There is limited space for doubtful spyware because the APKs are provided through the Google Play Store. If the APK you downloaded has any bugs or glitches, notify them right away, and the site will immediately fix it without any further ado.

Website Link :

4. AptoideApptoid apk modded apps

Aptoide deals with more than 200 million users. This is the reason why six billion downloads have occurred. But a question could arise in your mind. Why is Aptoide not present on the top websites on the list? The answer is simple since it enables its users to control their stores and permits them to add modified APKs to be used on the network. Although they are marked, if you’re not paying attention, you can unintentionally download one. This website, similar to APKPure, provides an android APK app that enables you to visit the store and install APK files straight from your android smartphone.

Website Link :

5. APKMonkdownload apk

On its website, APKMonk provides a vast selection of applications and games. It regularly scans for viruses and removes any questionable programs. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is malware-free. Because APKMonk does its virus scan before permitting the submission of programs to its platform. It is considered strongly safe. APKMonk could be used to download common applications as well. There are categories of popular and trending applications.

Website Link :

6. APKHereapk download

The best thing about APKHigh is that on this website, you could find a good amount of apps in a variety of languages that you wouldn’t be able to on Google Play Store because of a regional barrier. However, you may also find APKs in German, Chinese, Russian, and many more languages. Even updating applications in the background is possible without your involvement. APKHere is considered highly reliable among worldwide gamers also.

Website Link :


That was a review of the top APK download websites, or you can say a trustworthy substitute for the Google Play Store. Always be sure the APK file you download doesn’t include any viruses or malware. You could also add antivirus software to your phone for additional safety. The best APK download sites may be found on the websites mentioned above, however, you should take precautions before downloading any android apps from these sites.

Author: Warda Shakir

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