Best VPN (Downloader + Browser) for iOS (2023) – iPhone/iPad

VPN is a virtual proxy network which helps you in being anonymous. While surfing the internet. It also gives you access to certain sites 😉 which your ISP does not provide.

This article is about the Free Best VPN app for iPhone in 2022 for iOS 15/16 which you can get officially from the Apple’s AppStore without any subscription charges or in-app purchases. Absolutely no jailbreak or cydia vpn browser for iOS

The app is perfectly easy to handle. And will connect the VPN in no time. Whether you are on Mobile Data or WIFI. Aloha has your back and is the best iPhone VPN and for general use.

It is secure, fast and works well. Probably by now you should be wondering what is the application.

The name of the app is Aloha (best vpn and browser/downloader) for iOS, iPhone.

Download Aloha – Best VPN for iPhone

Aloha is one of the best browser and downloader, which provides an excellent and fast vpn service free of cost for the iPhone. Works on the iPad as vpn for iphone ios

There are plenty of reasons to start using ALOHA on your new iOS 16 device. First its a secure private network. Secondly, it has a built in browser, with the best downloading service. You can choose your quality while downloading any video. If it has different video qualities. The app supports the latest iPhone 14 models.

Features of Aloha Browser – Free VPN and Browser for iOS 16

– Built in AD-BLOCK: surf the internet without annoying ads.
– FREE Unlimited VPN: Enjoy no time limits, no limitations. Get the best service vpn.
– VR PLAYER: Now you can play VR videos. If any video is not in VR ,there will be an option in the built in video player to change to VR mode.
– BACKGROUND PLAYING: Background music playing capability
– MEDIA PLAYER: Built in media player for playing videos faster.
– DATA SAVER: If you are on mobile data. You can save a lot of money and get more work done in less bandwidth usage..
– PRIVATE TABS: Ability to encrypt your tabs and or lock them.
– PRIVACY: Well, they say that they don’t keep your personal information. Everything is anonymous.

  • Try out iOS Beta versions without UDID – Here

You can also use the VPN service without using the browser. Just connect and then minimize the aloha app. Your phone will stay connected. Best part is that, the app is also available for android users as well. Performing the same features iOS version, I will recommend you try it out.

I’ve been using it since iPhone 4s. And it is a pretty great application. You can enjoy Premium Proxy Service on your iPhone for free. And a great overall Experience.


What are your thoughts. And in your case the best VPN for iPhone. Tell us and engage with people in the comments section.

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