2023’s Best 6 Tools to Hack In App Purchases

We all know that something gotten free is not free, you pay something, that might be your time or that might be money. Time is money is a great phrase fit for this purpose. Android and iOS is famous for their huge collection of apps and games. Mostly free but the most addictive games offer something which you have to buy somehow. Free In-App purchases hack is something everyone thrives for but no one gets. This article will change your life and get you stuff which is not worth paying for normally. Igeekshub will apprise you about how you can Hack in app purchases without root on android and get free money in your apps to buy anything or get access to premium features.

These purchases are normally no more than digital cash, coins, gems, diamonds, characters or money by the developer which cost you money. However, with these 2023’s best 5 tools you can crack in app purchases and get stuff free on any Android smartphone.

Sadly, since Android is an open source project, iOS users can not get this feature since they are very strict in their codes. iPhone and iPads will always miss the satisfaction of getting or cracking any app to get free stuff without Jailbreak. But however, most of the apps are specifically developed for this functionality and we have a ton of it. Go check out our iPA Library for apps like Spotify++, Instagram++, Whatsapp++ and itorrent.

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Hack In App Purchases ? Best Tools for Android in 2023

Android is by far the best in terms of customization. About 80% of the smartphone industry have their operating system based on Google’s Android OS. You can get any paid app or game free from the web and now, same will be the case for in-app purchases.

Cracking or hacking inside application purchases is not easy, but there are certain tools and apps that allow you to make some modifications and get your desired items may it be gems, coins, diamonds, money, characters, suits etc for free. But there is a catch ! It will only work for those apps and games that are played offline. Since in online games, your phone is directly connected to the game’s server.

Benefits of Free In App Purchases Hack Tools

These are a few benefits you can have when using these tools/tweaks to crack any game on Android no root.

  • Unlimited game currency i.e gems, coins, cash etc.
  • Free Premium Features offered for money in Apps.
  • Unlock Paid Characters.
  • Special items in your inventory (Free).

So lets stop talking and come to the main theme of this information.

Hacking or Cracking an app is illegal and against the law. We share information for educational purposes only. We do not host any role, tools, modifications in craking/hacking any apps, games or In-App Purchases.


List of Best Tools/Apps to get In-App Purchases for Android (2023)

Remember, these are not free games/apps for paid ones. These are the tools to get free purchases from any apps/game.

S.No App/Tool Version Link
1. Lucky Patcher 9.8.8 Download
2. Cree Hack 5.0.1 Download
3. Freedom 3.1.2 Download
4. Leoplay Card 1.2 Download
5. AppSara 2.1 Download
6. Xmodgames 2.2.2 Download






#1 Lucky Patcherlucky patch in app purchases

This is a free and highly rated inApp Purchases hack tool slash app for your android smartphone. Almost can be used for cracking all types of Android apps and buying in game stuff for free. As you can guess from the name, you’re lucky that you are patching with this small tweak. A modifier app to get unlimited access to games available on the play store.

Since the older versions of Lucky patcher released back in 2018, 2019 and 2020, this is the updated version (2023) and does not require any root or super user access. A must have tool in 2023 for getting app purchases free of cost on your android OS. It supports OS V4.0 and above so will work with almost any phone.

Install it many using the download links given above and buy free stuff from apps and games to run it in the offline mode. Some of the famous top 5 Games patched by the app to get free in-app purchases are:

  1. Subway Surfer
  2. Hungry Shark Evolution
  3. Injustice: Gods Among Us
  4. Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops
  5. Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense

#2 Cree Hackhack in app purchases with cree hack

Life is expensive, and as I told you! even free apps cost your time. CreeHack can be used and installed without root but in that case, its features are limited. This is yet another amazing tool to get paid coins, gems, diamonds, suites, characters, premium features for free on android. A light weight, great UI and easy to use application specially built for Android operating system with support for upto version 12.

2nd Best 2023’s cracking tool so far. All you have to do is install the apk downloaded from the above table on your smartphone and install it. Then open the app, enable it and enjoy but first, enable unknown sources from your settings option.

Basically what this app does is that it emulates and simulates a fake payment, tricking the game into thinking that a transaction has been made and consequently will authenticate the purchase for free. No root access needed but however some of the purchases may require root because of more demanding permissions.

#3. Freedomfreedom apk download

Freedom : Another great in App purchase hacker tool secures the third position in our list. It is the best cheat you can apply to your favourite games and apply modification to get premium access free of cost.

Since the developer warns in this statements that doing this is illegal, Freedom latest apk file can not be found in Google’s Playstore . A mod is involved simulating payments to goole which are even not real. If you get any typical ‘no connection’ error, you’ll be  find a solution on the XDA forum or on its official page or from comments down the below.

It may work for many, it may not work for some, you cannot know for sure untill you try, there are many other options as well.

#4 Leo PlayCardfree in app purchases

LeoPlayCard is about making in-app purchases without spending even a cent and much more.  Keep coins, unlock gems and more at a higher level. It is a combination of Cree Hack, Freedom and Lucky Patcher with basically the same features, maybe even better. You can hack and crack any apps at any time.

The app is no longer in need of root. But remember, it will not work on online games. You can download and install it manually on any android device free. Just use the link provided in the above table and enjoy the premium benefits for free.

Keep in mind it will not work with playstore, and you cannot purchase from Google’s playstore for free. Also there is a risk of always getting banned. So we recommend you use a new or different User ID. Leo PlayCard supports android 2.3+ and requires activation of unknown sources to get installed.

#5 AppSara

A new addition to this genre of hacking apps and games. Appsara can help you hack inapp purchases easily by its unique payment system. App sara features a good UI and easy to use interface. You can download from the link above and install it on any android device.

The minimum requirements for this app is Android v5.0 or above and 14MB of disk space for installation. It is a great lucky patcher alternative that does not require a rooted smartphone. AppSara also features a support for low config phones.

There is no complicated stuff, any beginner can easily use this crack and get in app purchase free without cost. Get unlimited access to all the premium features on the game.

#6. XModGamesxmodgames

XMODGAMES HACK is basically no more than a warehouse/repository for cracked and modded apps and games. Including some of the popular games like Pokemon Go, XModGames features a wide variety of already modded and cracked paid apps with all the premium features and purchases enabled. So, you don’t need to individually make purchases.

Just like BlackMart or a cracked appstore for android, this is similar. Once installed, browse from different games and download them on your smartphone for free. Open and you will see all the features and unlimited coins, gems, characters, suits etc for free.


Here are some common frequently asked questions and their answers.

1. Is Hacking In App Purchases Possible?

Yes, it is possible, by using apps with or without root, you can simulate a payment being made to the game and get stuff for free. Making in-app purchases hacking/cracking possible.

2. For which games these hacks will work ?

Above 6 tools to hack in-app purchases on android will work only in Offline Games. In’case of online games, you will most probably be instantly banned because of continuose monitoring online.

3. Does it require Root?

No these 6 cracks don’t require any kind of root. But however, sometimes if you have root you can access more features and get more out of these hacks.

4. Are these Tools to Hack In-App Purchases safe?

Yes and No. They will get you banned, however there is always a risk of privacy since all of these apps are officially not available on Google’s Playstore.


Go these were the 2022’s best 6 tools to hack android games. Please try them out, one of them at least will give you the results you’re looking for.

There are many other apps available on the web with same functionality however above are the 6 top rated among users. Please tell us what you want to add or if you faced any problem in the comments section.

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