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Any Way To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock ? The Truth

One of the biggest pro and con about Apple is their security features. Apple has really pushed itself in terms of securtiy update and securing its iDevices and users data. One of the biggest threat to users is unable to activate iphone without simcard or with locked icloud account.

icloud bypassYou may find many tutorials about how to hactivate or unlock iphone or bypass icloud that would seem fascinating and really helpful about how to activate locked iphone or how to bypass activation, icloud or stuff like this and you might get a little hope of saving your money you just spent on your new apple’s iphone.

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You might have searched all google about how to activate or any way to bypass icloud activation during activating iphone and you probably have searched a thousand videos in hope for one that may work. Well that was what i did. My friend asked me for bypassing his icloud activation lock and another for bypassing sim activation lock and i spent countless hours, completing countless surveys to download just one software and surfing all the content on google to just find any way to bypass icloud activation lock. Today I’m going to share with you the truth that no one ever tells you and by the time you find this truth on your own, you would have spent your precious time all in vain.

Any Way to Unlock/Bypass iCloud Activation Lock ? The Truth

Well the truth is that , i dont know how to tell you, you probably will have an iphone with an icloud activation lock in it or sim activation lock searching over the web to just activate it, Sit tight .
The truth is that there is absolutely no way to bypass icloud activation lock (i.e linked to someonelse’s idor to bypass sim activation lock (to require sim to activate iphone). I know you might say, im going to find it, there is a way but the truth is that there is no way.

If icloud lock and Sim activation lock or other Apple’s locks were so easy to break then Apple wouldn’t have spent millions of dollars just to make them.

Doulci Activator, iCloud Unlocker etc


byass icloud activation
Jailbreak Window Customized to look like a software bypassing icloud activation lock. Pathetic ! 😛

All fake. Just a bunch of easy made softwares made for money ,put on survey websites to earn that cant even detect your iphone. Even cydia and jailbreak can do nothing in this case. Beleive me, I had an iPhone 5 with an icloud activation lock and i downloaded all of the softwares i could find, completed all of there shitty surveys but at the end of the day, not even one software picked my iphone.

If you are thinking that i can hactivate iphone by jailbreaking it or installing cydia/ cydia tweak then you are mistaken.If you cant see the home screen or get pass the activation then how can you jailbreak ? . These are some hard realities that you wont find on the web.

So you might as well stop searching for any way to bypass iCloud activation lock on google all day and do something worth your time.

How and Who can Fix iCloud Activation Lock?

There are only 2 ways in the world that have the fix to activate or unlock your locked iphone .

  • The Apple Company. (Obviously because they made the whole os and iphone)
  • The person who’s icloud is linked to the iphone.

A part from these two ,you can forget about ever seeing your locked iphone’s homescreen. Even you cant use it as an iPod just because you cannot activate it.

Yess Apple Will Remove the iCloud lock for you if you show them the proof of buying a locked iphone legally but for third world countries, where they don’t have apple franchises , you can just forget about this option.

Contact the owner who’s iCloud account is linked to the iPhone. But if you cant , or don’t know the owner then you’re screwed.

How to Prevent Getting iCloud Activation Lock ?

If you want in the future to not get the iphone activation lock or if your selling your iphone. Make sure your Find My iPhone feature in the setting is off and your icloud is off. If you flash your iphone manually with a new firmware with find my iphone and icloud on and after install link to another apple id then you will face the proble of getting icloud activation lock and you will google all day on any way to bypass icloud activation Lock.

In one line, If you are looking for Any Way To bypass icloud activation lock then Dont waste your time. You Will not find it. And Even  if you do find Any Way To bypass icloud activation lock then mark my words. It will not work.

Hope you like this hard known truth article. If you have any questions,feel free to ask in the comments or if you really found a way to bypass icloud lock or sim lock then please share it with me and my readers. Thankyou for reading. You’re awsome !

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