itunes 3194 error

Fix iTunes error 3194 while Downgrading iOS – The Truth

If you are trying to downgrade your iOS on iPhone or iPad .The most deadliest error you get is the error in iTunes while downgrading.Many users are facing this error and are searching the web for a fix or a way to bypass this error.

There are not a lot of fixes for iTunes 3194 error.In fact I too was faced with the same problem while downgrading my iPhone 4s to iOS 6.I searched for hours on the web to get a way around it .

There are some methods that claim to get this fixed using some method .I am going to show you what it is. And then later on, in which cases you can not get rid of iTunes 3194 error.

itunes 3194 error

Why are You getting error 3194 in iTunes ?

This error usually occurs and happens when a user is manually trying to Update or Downgrade their iDevice via iTunes. Either he uses DFU method or any else.You still can be greeted by this problem.

This is really a headache for users.As sometimes none of the methods seem to work.

Although there are a number of fixes to get rid of this error which involves fixing the hosts file (pure crap). And there are a number of reasons that you cannot get rid of this error.Like the one below.

iTunes Error 3194 Fix Myth ?

Let me guess, you are getting an error from iTunes while installing iOS firmware. Not really installing but more likely downgrading I hope so. When you are downgrading your iPhone, iPad from iOS 15 (current 2022) or any version to iOS 14 or lower and you will certainly be getting error 3196 in iTunes while. If this is the case then don’t bother looking for the fix.fix itunes 3194 error

I was a fan of iOS 6. When I installed iOS 7 back in the days. I hoped that I would later on have the ability to downgrade and after checking it out would revert back to the previous version. Basically bought the iPhone for only that firmware and I regretted the decision ever since.

When i tried to downgrade, i was greeted by this problem. I straight away searched the web and started finding solutions for error 3194 fix while downgrading to iOS 6. I looked everywhere. In apple forums, on the web and on YouTube. From low sites to experts in this field. Everyone was basically click baiting and did not tell me the real case scenario. Wasted my time so much those days.

But sadly i could not achieve what i wanted to . And here is the reason why.

Reason Why you Can Not Downgrade ?

You might have heard about the apple signing status. This is the main reason that you cannot downgrade your iOS from to any low version once you upgrade. Whenever you try to do so you will get an error. For more info about Apple iOS Signing status you can check it from here.

This is currently the sole reason that you are getting 3194 error  because Apple is not signing your desired firmware anymore when you try to install it through iTunes. That means that every IPSW file (not signed) you download will always give you the same error. Because when installing, iTunes will connect to the internet and get the authorisation from Apple Servers.

Is there a Way Around 3194 Error ?

You might be thinking that there must be a way around it ? There are a lot of expert software developers in the world, someone might have cracked it. But no, there is not. Even if you do manage to bypass iTunes 3194 error .You will be greeted by another error.

Apple’s downgrade policy is very strict. They hate going to older versions of iOS .Not even tools like cydia, tinyumbrella can help you in this case. Every IPSW installed is first signed and authorised by Apple via iTunes over the internet and then installed.

What you can do to fix this is try to save your shsh blobs (for iPhone 4 and below only) before upgrading.This is a whole new story but it somehow gets iPhone 4 to downgrade. However for later devices you have to stick with your choice.


You can never downgrade your iOS version even if you are a born developer or programmer. There are millions of people in the world currently looking for a bypass or a fix around this problem.But till now there has not been a working method to get this problem solved. Don’t go around looking for a fix and waste your time like I did. If somehow you land on this article, please adhere to it and share so that people might know.

Either you can jailbreak your iPhone and install some tweaks (save shsh blobs in iPhone 4 or lower) to mould your phone your way. Or you can stick to your current iOS.

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