8 Apple Watch Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Device

The prime reason to buy an Apple Watch is to keep a regular check on your health. Right? You are in the right place if you, too, have just purchased an Apple Watch and are looking for ways to use it efficiently other than using it as a health monitoring device. apple watch ios 15

There’s more to know about these tiny gadgets on your wrist, and explore them to the best. Whether you are using Apple Watch Series 6, Series 7, Series 3, Apple Watch SE, or any other model, these tips will help you understand the ways you can use them for various tasks.

Wake to Last-Viewed App

When you flip your wrist, the Apple Watch wakes up to show you the time. By making a few changes, you can set your watch to wake up to the last visited app, tweak the settings by navigating to the Settings on your watch. Then tap General and select Wake Screen.

Navigate to the option that says On Screen Raise Show Last. Select one of the options among Within 2 Minutes of Last Use, Within 1 Hour of Last Use, While in Sessions, and Always. 

Hide Watch Apps

You can hide the third-party applications from displaying on your computer. Even if you hide these apps from showing up on the watch, they will remain installed, and you can unhide them as and when required.hide apple watch apps

Go to the Apple Watch app and enter the My Watch section. Next, find the Installed on Apple Watch section, select the apps that you need to delete, and toggle off to hide them.

Enlarge the Text

Apple Watch is a compact gadget where you can see everything as tiny items, from fonts to buttons to icons. However, you can adjust the text size to be bigger by making changes to the accessibility settings. make text large apple watch

To change the font size on your watch, go to Settings and select Brightness & Text size. Adjust the font size as per requirement. You can also toggle the Bold Text settings to turn the text to slightly darker fonts. 

View Zoom & VoiceOver

If you want the Zoom and Voiceover options to be available quickly on your Apple Watch, enable the Accessibility shortcut to activate the option automatically. You can do this by visiting the Apple Watch app. voice over zoom over apple watch

To enable the shortcut, navigate to My Watch, tap General, click Accessibility, and then select Accessibility Shortcut. Now select the features that you wish to activate automatically with the triple-click.

Mute Alerts on Mac

Use your Apple Watch to control the volume on your MacBook via the Remote app. To use this feature, make sure that both the watch and Mac are connected to the same WiFi network. You can also use the watch to add a music library on Mac.  apple watch mute alerts

To control playback on the Mac computer via Apple Watch, you can use the controls on the Remote app, or you can adjust the volume using the Digital Crown. If you find any audio issues or there is no sound on mac, check the internet connection and the settings on your computer. 

Custom Message Responses

Typing directly on the Apple Watch is not possible; however, you can use predefined responses through your iPhone. You can use these responses in your communications to reply to any message. quick message apple watch

To add the responses, open the Apple Watch app, click Messages, and tap Default Replies. As your requirements change, you can add or delete these responses or replace them with new ones. 

Fix Apple Watch

Most of the time, you won’t find any difficulties, but if the Apple Watch is not turning on, you need to detect the right reason that is creating the problem. The battery might be low, or you may need to restart the watch. force restart apple watch

To fix it, try to recharge it or force restart your watch. Moreover, check if the settings are up to mark or if there is anything that is preventing the watch from starting normally. Alternatively, press the button on the side and hold it till you see the Apple logo.

How to Reset Your Apple Watch?

Make sure that the iPhone and Apple Watch are placed closely while you are executing the following steps.

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and click on the My Watch tab. 
  2. Click on General and then select Reset.
  3. Tap on Apple Watch Content and Settings to erase it, and then click it again at the bottom. 

The latest Apple Watch models come with GPS and cellular plans that give you the option of retaining or eradicating the cellular plan. If you need to pair iPhone and Apple Watch again, select the cellular plan. Once the process completes, set up your Apple Watch again as per your specific preferences.

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