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Blocked on iMessage? 3 Ways to Make Sure (2023) | iOS 16

It’s not just the app that has been updating, but also your ability to stay in touch with friends. messaging apps are becoming more interactive and entertaining by adding new features like checking if messages were delivered or not.

blocked on iMessageNow you can check if your imessage has been delivered or not with just a click of the mouse! The delivery status only appears for last imessage that was sent, but it means same for all other messages. It helps in determining whether person has blocked us – so we should be about who hates you, frikin’ amazing right?

iMessage Delivery Status

Unlike most people, who avoid communication at all costs and only reply when it is to their benefit or convenience. If the person you’re messaging with hasn’t blocked your number yet then a “delivered” status appears underneath your last send message.

If you don’t see the “delivered” status tag on your messages, then it’s possible that person has blocked you on iMessage. They won’t receive any of your texts and Apple will never tell them about how many times you’ve messaged them! Technically they aren’t getting anything at all; which is kind sad considering this whole “communication thing.”

Even though you may have blocked them, your messages before they were blocked or the ones that someone else has delivered are still visible to anyone who wants to read them.

So even after they unblock you all of the messages that you have sent when being blocked cannot be read by the user on their phone. You have to show it to them personally.

Note: The person might have a hard time receiving messages on their Apple iPhone if they switch to an Android device without deleting the number from servers. However, there are other possibilities like them being offline either through Wi-Fi or mobile network coverage which can make it so you cannot contact that individual until those issues clear up first.

Call Them

Another great way to check if you’re blocked on iMessage or not is to try to Facetime or call them. This will straight away clear your doubt if you have been blocked by someone or not.

To confirm that they are not switched off. If you are blocked, you’re call will straight away end with a beep. It will not go into voice mail, neither you will hear any automated voice saying the number is switched off. I’ve personally tried this and all I get is dead dial and ends with a 3 beep.

It Could be DND Mode!

If you’re getting disconnected from calls or your voicemail is filling up, there’s a chance that person might be blocking their iPhone. If they have Do Not Disturb mode activated on the device then it will go straight to voice mail instead of disconnecting instantly like normal.

blocked imessageiPhones come with a useful option to help you in case of emergency. If enabled, your phone will ring again after 3 minutes even if it’s on Do Not Disturb mode. So, try calling again with in 3 minutes of your previous dial. However, if it still doesn’t then there is a possibility that the user has simply not enabled this emergency feature on their iPhone.


What are you waiting for? blocking someone is no fun if they don’t know about it yet. Plus, every minute counts in this busy world we live In. You can always give some time or just a few days to check before assuming the worst- there could be an issue with their phone and/or If they aren’t connectable due outside factors such as network coverage zones…but definitely do not wait too long because once blocked, have some self respect and move on with your life.

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