Top 5 Free Music Streaming and Offline Download Apps For Android

They say that Music is food of the soul. There is no doubt in saying that it heals our souls and mind potentially. If you have a smartphone you should know how to listen to music on it. Fortunately, multiple music downloader apps are available to download and save music offline. Most music downloader apps only function once you have paid for a premium account however there is always a workaround to get them free. These streaming applications demand a monthly fee/ subscription which most of the time fails to attract new music fans. Many users utilize free music downloading applications instead of paying for paid music services.Best Free Music Streaming apps android

In this article, we will go through the top five Android applications for free music downloads.

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Top 5 Best Free Songs/Music Streaming Apps – Android

There are a lot of free music applications available where you can stream and download music and songs. Some of the top 5 Music apps are given below:

1. SpotifySpotify Premium Free Android iOS

One of the well-known and most famous app with more than a billion downloads is Spotify. It is the finest music streaming application internationally. You may access millions of music and podcasts for free with the app. The app’s interface design is quite simple, and the audio quality is well above average. If you want to listen to a pre-made playlist with all the songs of the mixed genre in it? Spotify would be your top option. You could listen to music from all over the world. But you are restricted to some features in the free version. In the free version, you can like the song and play it afterward. However, buying the Premium mode will enable you to download music. You may enjoy songs without advertisements using the premium function. If you want to get Spotify Premium free for Android or iOS you can download it frim the link below.

Get Spotify++ Premium for Free : iOS , Android

2. Audiomackaudio mack free song downloader android

An excellent music downloader for Android smartphone users is Audiomack. This software provides a huge selection of music in many genres, including mixtapes, rap, and hip-hop. A person can listen to it or download it to enjoy it afterward. If you want to categorize your songs in terms of their genres, there is a feature of playlists available on it. Countless playlists could be made. Also, streaming and listening are both unlimited. Users could use their PC browser to access and play music in Audiomack. However, only through mobile apps is it possible to download songs. You need to log in to your Audiomack account on your smartphone to listen to downloaded songs.

3. Audials Playaudials play android app free

The functioning of this app will take you to old times. We have been told by our elders that when they wanted to listen to a song they had to record it on the radio using a tape and then would save the cassette to listen to it afterward. Audials Play runs under a similar function. Compared to the other applications on our list, this application is a bit unique.Its basically a Radio and Podcasts streaming application where you may record music from different radio stations. The music may then be instantly downloaded to your device as an MP3 file. Locate the radio station you want to listen to, and then wait for your favourite song to play, once played, record it, and listen to it whenever you want.

4. SONGilysongily free music streaming online

You should give SONGily a chance if you’re looking for an non complicated and simple music-downloading app for your Android smartphone. Accessing and using the app is quite easy. The free plan or version of this application is ad-supported. You’ll see choices to play and download the tracks you listened to. Additionally, the app includes a function for lyrics that takes you to a SONGily web page where you may read the poetry that produced the music. You can listen to all of your favorite music inside the SONGily app because it also functions as a music player. Unfortunately, the Google Play Store version is an outdated one and does not allow the user to download videos. However, you may make use of that functionality if you choose to use the APK download option. Although this app has a background playback feature.

Developer: SONGily
Price: Free


SoundCloud is one of the famous applications with over 100 million plus downloads. This remarkable music streaming website provides a huge collection of more than 150 million tracks. The tracks may be stopped, started, or skipped right from the lock screen. You can even follow your friend’s accounts to check out their liked playlists. Although, some popular songs have paid subscriptions. Finding your favorite podcast on SoundCloud is the unique feature of this app because it offers a respectable collection of podcasts in addition to music. Additionally, the application’s user interface is incredibly simple to use. There is no doubt in saying that SoundCloud provides the highest-quality audio.

SoundCloud: Play Music & Songs
SoundCloud: Play Music & Songs

Deezer++ free ios android

Another great app to add which is not included in our list is Deezer, since it is a great alternative tospotify. It has limited functionalities e.g no fast forwarding, no skips etc. And requires a premium subscription to unlock those features. Almost all the songs available are hosted in Deezer’s library and the apps are available for iOS as well as Android version. If you want to premium subscription for free (Lifetime) on iOS you can install Deezer++ which supports upto iOS 16 and can be installed without Jailbreak or Cydia.


Thankfully, whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, there are several methods to download songs on it. Music could be your companion or buddy when alone or riding in a crowdy bus. In every scenario, music may be your buddy and your companion. Music will always cheer you up. Use the Android music downloading applications to enjoy an endless supply of fun.

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